Open Systems Laboratory at Illinois


Former members of the Open Systems Laboratory.

Doctoral Degrees

Name Year Thesis Title
Mark Astley 1999 Customization And Composition Of Distributed Objects: Policy Management In Distributed Software Architectures
Po-Hao Chang 2007 Customizing Web Applications Through Adaptable Components And Reconfigurable Distribution
Liping Chen 2011 Conformance Preserving Data Dissemination For Large-Scale Peer To Peer Systems
Svend Frølund 1995 Coordinating Distributed Objects — An Actor-Based Approach To Synchronization
MyungJoo Ham 2009 Market-Based Coordination And Auditing Mechanisms For Self-Interested Multi-Robot Systems
Vilas Jagannath 2012 Improved Regression Testing Of Multithreaded Programs
Nadeem Jamali 2004 Cyberorgs: A Model For Resource Bounded Complex Agents
Myeong-Wuk Jang 2006 Efficient Communication And Coordination For Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Rajesh Kumar Karmani 2013 Efficient Execution Of Fine-Grained Actors On Multicore Processors
WooYoung Kim 1997 Thal: An Actor System For Efficient And Scalable Concurrent Computing
Vijay Anand Korthikanti 2011 Towards Energy-Performance Trade-Off Analysis Of Parallel Applications
YoungMin Kwon 2006 Probabilistic Modeling And Verification Of Large Scale Systems
Parya Moinzadeh 2013 I-Admin: A Framework For Deriving Adaptive Service Configuration In Wireless Smart Sensor Networks
Anna Patterson 1998 Implicit Programming And The Logic Of Constructible Duality
Shangping Ren 1997 An Actor-Based Framework For Real-Time Coordination
Koushik Sen 2006 Scalable Automated Methods For Dynamic Program Analysis
Daniel Sturman 1996 Modular Specification Of Interaction Policies In Distributed Computing
Sameer Sundresh 2009 Request-Based Mediated Execution
Prasanna Thati 2003 A Theory Of Testing For Asynchronous Concurrent Systems
Predrag Tošić 2006 Modeling And Analysis Of The Collective Dynamics Of Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems
Sandeep Uttamchandani 2005 Polus: A Self-Evolving Model-Based Approach To Automating The Observe-Analyze-Act Loop
Abhay Vardhan 2005 Learning To Verify Systems
Carlos Varela 2001 Worldwide Computing With Universal Actors: Linguistic Abstractions For Naming, Migration, And Coordination
Nalini Venkatasubramanian 1998 Resource Management In Open Distributed Systems With Applications To Distributed Multimedia

Master of Science Degrees

Name Year Thesis Title
Tom Brown 2005 Decentralized Coordination With Crash Failures
Christo Frank Devaraj 2004 An Underlay For Sensor Networks: Localized And Adaptive Protocols For Maintenance And Usage
Soham Mazumdar 2004 Fast Range Queries Using Pre-Aggregated In-Network Storage
Shakuntala Miriyala 1991 Visual Representation Of Actors Using Predicate Transition Nets
Mehwish A. Nagda 2004 Diffgen: A Toolkit For Generating Distributed Protocols From Differential Equations
Abhilash Patel 2004 A Swapping Mechanism For Dynamic Task Assignment In Multi-Agent Systems
William Wendling 2003 Thal++: A Concurrent Language For The Thal Runtime System
William Zwicky 2008 Aj: A System For Buildings Actors With Java

Visiting Scholars and Post Docs

Name Date of Stay Visiting From
Sherin Moussa Ain Shams University, Egypt
Karl Palmskog Jan. 2014 — May 2014 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Marjan Sirjani Aug. 2012 — Dec. 2012 University of Reykjavik, Iceland