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Stratification approach to modeling video

By Tat-Seng Chua, Liping Chen, and Jihua Wang. Multimedia Tools Appl, 16(1):79–97, 2002.

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The explosive growth of audiovisual information in the last few years has made the development of advanced video modeling and management tools an urgent task. In this research, we investigate the use of stratification approach to model the contextual information of video contents as multi-layered strata. By judiciously choosing the right level and types of strata, we are able to automate a major part of the strata extraction process. Using the strata as the basis, we have developed advanced functionalities to support the flexible retrieval and content-based browsing of video. A prototype has been developed to support the whole process of video management, from strata extraction, to indexing, retrieval and browsing. The prototype is tested in the domain of news video and the system has been found to be effective.

stratification model for video - video retrieval - content-based browsing


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