Open Systems Laboratory at Illinois

Recent advances in wireless smart sensors for multi-scale monitoring and control of civil infrastructure

By Billie F. Spencer, Hongki Jo, Kirill A. Mechitov, Jian Li, Sung-Han Sim, Robin E. Kim, Soojin Cho, Lauren E. Linderman, Parya Moinzadeh, Ryan K. Giles, and Gul Agha. Journal of Civil Structural Health Monitoring, 6(1):17–41, Feb 2016.

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While much of the technology associated with wireless smart sensors (WSS) has been available for over a decade, only a limited number of full-scale implementations have been realized for civil infrastructure, primarily due to the lack of critical hardware and software elements. Using the Imote2, a flexible WSS framework has been developed for full-scale, autonomous structural health monitoring (SHM) that integrates the necessary software and hardware elements, while addressing key implementation requirements for civil infrastructure. This paper discusses the recent advances in the development of this WSS framework and extensions to structural control. Their successful implementations at full-scale for SHM of the 2nd Jindo Bridge in South Korea and the Government Bridge at the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois, USA, as well as for wireless control of a lab-scale structure are presented.


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