Open Systems Laboratory at Illinois


This section of the website contains some of the software that is related to current and past research projects.

Actor Programming

  • ActorFoundry: Java framework for actor programming.
  • ActorNet: Platform for actor-based programming of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) using a Scheme-based syntax.
  • SALSA: General-purpose actor-oriented programming language, especially designed to facilitate the development of dynamically reconfigurable open distributed applications.
  • SALSA for Android: Setup infrastructure for deploying SALSA applications on Android smartphone.
  • SOTER: Extensible static analysis and transformation tool that facilitates safe yet efficient message passing in actor programs.


  • Atomic Set Inferencer: Tool that helps programmers convert multi-threaded Java programs from lock-based synchronization to atomic sets.

Model Checking

  • iLTL Checker: Model checker for Multiple Discrete Time Markov Chains.

Concolic Testing

  • CUTE: Concolic Unit Testing Engine for C programs. (Obsolete. Has been replaced by the CREST tool.)
  • jCUTE: Unit test generator for multi-threaded Java programs using concolic execution.
  • Concolic Walk: Heuristic for solving complicated arithmetic path conditions.