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A rewriting based model for probabilistic distributed object systems

By Nirman Kumar, Koushik Sen, José Meseguer, and Gul Agha. In FMOODS, volume 2884 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 32–46. Springer, 2003.

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Concurrent and distributed systems have traditionally been modelled using nondeterministic transitions over configurations. The nondeterminism provides an abstraction over scheduling, network delays, failures and randomization. However a probabilistic model can capture these sources of nondeterminism more precisely and enable statistical analysis, simulations and reasoning. We have developed a general semantic framework for probabilistic systems using probabilistic rewriting. Our framework also allows nondeterminism in the system. In this paper, we briefly describe the framework and its application to concurrent object based systems such as actors. We also identify a sufficiently expressive fragment of the general framework and describe its implementation. The concepts are illustrated by a simple client-server example.

Keywords  Rewrite theory - probability - actors - Maude - nondeterminism


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