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Supporting reconfigurable object distribution for customizable web applications

By Po-Hao Chang and Gul Agha. In OTM Workshops (1), volume 4277 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 32–33. Springer, 2006.

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Web applications are tightly coupled with the platforms that a particular service provider intends to support and the execution scenario envisioned at the design time. Consequently, the resulting applications do not adapt well to all clients and runtime execution contexts. The goal of our research is to develop methods and software to support reconfigurable distributed applications which can be customized to specific requirements. Thinking in terms of software product line engineering [2], we need a product line for a given Web application, each instance of which is for a specific execution platform and context. To achieve such a product line, we have to satisfy two requirements: universal accessibility and context-dependent component distribution.

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