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Eos: an approach of using behavior implications for policy-based self-management

By Sandeep Uttamchandani, Carolyn L. Talcott, and David Pease. In DSOM, volume 2867 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 16–27. Springer, 2003.

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Systems are becoming exceedingly complex to manage. As such, there is an increasing trend towards developing systems that are self-managing. Policy-based infrastructures have been used to provide a limited degree of automation, by associating actions to system-events. In the context of self-managing systems, the existing policy-specification model fails to capture the following: a) The impact of a rule on system behavior (behavior implications). This is required for automated decision-making. b) Learning mechanisms for refining the invocation heuristics by monitoring the impact of rules.

This paper proposes Eos; An approach to enhance the existing policy-based model with behavior implications. The paper gives details of the following aspects:

  • Expressing behavior implications.

  • Using behavior implications of a rule for learning and automated decision-making.

  • Enhancing existing policy-based infrastructures to support self-management using Eos.

The paper also describes an example of using Eos for self-management within a distributed file-system.


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