Open Systems Laboratory at Illinois

Atul Sandur

I am a PhD candidate in CS @ Illinois, working with Prof. Gul Agha in Open systems laboratory. My research interest is broadly in distributed systems, with my current focus being on Internet-of-things (IoT) applications that interact with their physical environment using sensors and actuators. Such systems operate in a dynamic environment and and are deployed on heterogeneous and resource-constrained devices (such as smartphones, smart sensors and other edge devices), making it challenging to perform complex computations on them. I am currently working on ways to provide performance, power-consumption and privacy guarantees for such systems.

Previously, I was working with cloud monitoring and diagnostics group at Microsoft Azure, Redmond. I got to work on a wide variety of problems ranging from data modeling for cloud service analytics and logging/reporting infrastructure to large-scale diagnostics log management services. Prior to that, I graduated with my Masters from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where my research was focused on context aware computing for structural health monitoring applications like highway bridge inspections. I went to BITS, Pilani, Goa campus, for my undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics engineering.

Research Interests: Distributed systems, mobile/ubiquitous computing, edge computing and IoT applications



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